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Sharjah civil defence works within its competencies assigned to it and the objectives which ministry of interior and the civil defence endeavor to achieve to lay down an institutional system goes in line with the huge development requirements witnessed by Sharjah emirate on all fields which contributes to achieve the desired objectives.
Through developing the work system at all departments, divisions and centers with its staff , officers, sub-officer and individuals and its components represented by equipment and machineries, to reach the highest grade of performance efficiency. Sharjah civil defence intensifies its efforts to achieve the prevention and safety from risks causing fire by spreading awareness for the prevention culture among citizens and residents through organizing campaigns and launching initiatives and projects related to awareness and education.
One of the management main functions is to feed the read, audio and video media, with the news related to Sharjah civil defence activities, including functions and achievements, beside spreading awareness via social media to direct a positive media message with the objectives of enhancing the feeling of tranquility and security among citizens and residents. At the same time distributing to form positive trends towards the commitment for prevention & safety principles at all sites.