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I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the General Directorate of Civil Defense of Sharjah, which is specially designed for customers to meet their needs in Arabic and English.

The site is an electronic portal that highlights the various services and initiatives provided to the  public (website visitors) by the Civil Defense .

The site is an effective portal to identify the most important initiatives and events launched by the Department on a regular and continuous basis, which serve civil defense customers.

We hope that our website add more value  to the rest of the specialized sites in the field of civil defense in spreading  awareness about preventive measures and principles of safety  and how to avoid  risks of accidents and disasters and to recognize the importance of this vital body and its role in society to preserve the achievements of humanity and urban and civilization.

We are in contact with all groups of society that have encouraged and strengthened our resolve to add and renew this site through the active participation of those interested in civil defense affairs, which supported the idea of upgrading the pages of this site and adding some new sections which we hope to meet  their  benefits.

I wish you the benefit of your visit to the site where we seek to place  the civil defense to the ranks of international departments and bodies that are distinguished in providing their services, and I thank all those who make suggestions or comments contribute to the development and improvement of our services.

             \ Colonel 
Sami Khamis Al Naqbi
      Director General