/3.0 (22)

  • Resubmission of engineering or executive plans ( in case, the period of one year passed since the plans approved and not starting the project)
  • Establishment licening & approving
  • from public to business sector * from public to public sector * from public sector to individuals .
  • Through this service, contractors anad businessmen could apply for approving modifications and additions on the buildings and establishments' planss
  • required is the submission and collection of the transaction only by the consultant.
  • not linked
  • Letter from the consultant addressed to the civil defence in ooriginal *A form of a list of the machineries and executing company of the civil defence works in original. * An approved contract between the main contractor and the approved firefighting contracor.
  • 50 فلس إماراتي لكل متر مربع
  • Aed 1000 Fees of adding modifications
  • Completing the form for approving the plans, stamped by the consultant* submission of the form along with the required papers by one of the service centers.
  • individuals, companies government entities
  • electronic Dirham- credit card
  • not available
  • 65163354
  • customer to be advised via SMS, informing about the accomplishment of the service level
  • Customer Service Centres Work Hours : Start from 7:30 AM To 02:30 PM