/3.0 (22)

  • providing awareness lectures on
  • spreading awareness
  • from public sector to public sector
  • through this service , government establishments & entities and educational sector could apply for awareness lectures in the fields of firefighting, rescue, aid with its both parts, theoretical and practical inside the directorate's building or in the location of the requesting entitty
  • must be official
  • not linked
  • a list containing the names of the trainees from the educational and government sector for issuing certificates for indviduals or establishments.
  • Applying for the service through official correspondances * coordinating via phone and e-mail, * fixing dates for the awareness programs , via phones
  • two and half hours
  • government entities, educaational sector
  • not available
  • 65163354
  • customer to be advised via SMS, informing about the accomplishment of the service level
  • Customer Service Centres Work Hours : Start from 7:30 AM To 02:30 PM