/3.0 (22)

  • Licensing for the activity of an agent for civil defence equipments
  • Establishment licening & approving
  • from public to business sector
  • issuing , renewal or modification of license issued for conducting sale, installing,maintaining of equipments & machineries , articles of prevention & safety and firefighting and their accessories & supplies according to official trade agencies duly approced and registered inside the country
  • available user name, ID code for each establishment on the system of pevention & safety , receiving of the license by the owner or his representative
  • establishment licensing G. ( issuing certificates of compliance with the requirements for establishments with high risk
  • 1- Valid compliance certificate 2- a commitment letter guaranteeing all equipments and machineries which shall be approved from 3-5 years according to the nature of the equipment. 3- A valid passpory copy of the license owner.
  • 1000 درهم إماراتي
  • Aed 100 for each equipment
  • application submission online for distributer- refer to inspection. checking the transaction online -
  • issuing in 10 min., renewal in 10 min., modification in 10 minutes
  • companies
  • electronic Dirham- credit card
  • not available
  • 65163354
  • customer to be advised via SMS, informing about the accomplishment of the service level
  • Customer Service Centres Work Hours : Start from 7:30 AM To 02:30 PM